Top 5 Tips for Playing Live Blackjack 

Blackjack is one of the most popular games of chance in live casinos. The basic rules and strategies of blackjack are relatively easy and quick to learn. However, experienced players in particular are looking for tips and tricks that can increase their chances of winning in live blackjack.

In live blackjack, your chances of success depend on only two things. What do your first two cards look like? What does the dealer’s first card look like? You will need to determine your further strategy based on the answers to these two questions. Here are a few strategies and tips to help you achieve greater success in live blackjack.

Choose a table with a minimum bet of no more than 5% of your money

You should not play a live blackjack table where the minimum bet allowed does not fit your bankroll. A common practice among skilled blackjack players is to play tables with a minimum bet of 5% of your money or less. If you are still new to the game, fixed bets are another great way to manage your money. It adds consistency and makes things easier.

Using Blackjack Strategies and Charts

A basic blackjack strategy is essential to getting any decent result from the game. The blackjack chart tells you what to do in certain situations. For example, when the dealer has 10 and 2, the chart will tell you what to do if you have 10 and 4, and it will tell you the best move statistically. When choosing a blackjack chart, always choose it based on how many decks are in the live game, if the dealer follows the soft 17 and similar rules.

By combining the chart with a good strategy, you have a better chance to come out on top in the end. In fact, the chart is necessary if you want to get a complete 99.5% RTP live blackjack game.

Don’t buy insurance

This is not exactly a trick, but an important basic rule. Insurance can only be used for blackjack if the dealer’s open card is an ace. You bet on the next card with 10 points, and the result is blackjack.

If you choose insurance, you can protect yourself in a live dealer blackjack game. Many players refer to this as the worst bet in live casino. The problem is that the insurance stake is half of your original stake. With a 2:1 payout ratio and a 33% probability, there may not be enough risk to warrant such a high wager.

Card Counting in Blackjack

Card counting itself is not illegal, even if it is unpopular in casinos. Today, large casino operators are already using video surveillance to locate players. Of course, when you play live blackjack in an online casino, no one is watching you. Is there a chance to practice card counting? After all, live dealer blackjack games use real cards and cardboard slides. Card counting is an art that few players have really mastered well.

Choosing the Right Live Blackjack Variants

In the live casino halls, you’ll usually find a variety of game variants, including some with adjustable rules and betting limits. However, before you start playing, first read the exact rules of the game to find the right variant for your style of play and budget. For example, if you’re playing for fun, the VIP lobby may not be for you, as you’ll have to bet at least $50 or more.