Play Live Blackjack with Real Money

Enjoy live blackjack online with real dealers. This is the closest you can get to playing in person without having to go to the casino. With the latest gaming technology, you can play 24/7 with real dealers.

Previously the only way to play blackjack online was to use the RNG software. These games are still available, but once you try live blackjack for real money, you will never look back.

What is Live Blackjack?

Live dealer blackjack is played live from a special studio to the platform. A trained dealer works at a real blackjack table using real cards. The action is delivered to your device in real time and clever technology overlays the graphics so you can choose your seat and start playing.

Your user name appears on the table and you can play as if you were in a real casino. Choose to stand, hit, double down or split. There are even boxes in which you can place popular side bets, such as perfect pairs.

You can interact with the dealers through the live chat feature. They will see everyone’s name at the table and will usually welcome you into the game when you sit down. Ask questions and have fun, just like you would in a physical casino blackjack game.

When you visit a live dealer game, the number of available tables will vary depending on the time of day. But you will almost always find an empty seat. Even if all the tables are full, you can still use the betting feature. If you find a player who seems to be winning a lot of hands, put your chips in the betting box. If they win, you win too. When one of the seated players leaves, click on the empty seat to begin.

Play Live Blackjack with Real Money

Each live blackjack game usually has seven seats. Choose an empty seat, and when the current hand ends, you decide how much to bet. Click on the chip denomination of your choice and then click on your betting bag again (if betting on more than one of the same chip denomination, click multiple times.) The bets come directly from your account balance, which is only displayed on the screen for you to see.

The dealer will issue a license, and then each player will act in turn. When it’s your turn to act, if you have a pair, you have a short amount of time to stand, hit, double down or split. If you wish, you can make a decision before it is your turn to act, as this speeds up the game.

If you win, the winnings are immediately returned to your balance. If you lose, then it is tried again on the next hand. You can play at the same table for as long as you want. Or when you want to take a break, just click away after the hand. Anyone waiting will see that the seat is free and sit themselves down.

You may be wondering how the graphic shows your current total and applicable betting options in real time. This is because each card has a tiny chip that is recorded by a discreet scanner as the dealer slides the card out of the box. It’s so smart, yet so simple!

Live blackjack is completely transparent. In single deck blackjack, you will see the dealer shuffle the cards after each hand and put them back in the box. Some live dealer games use automatic shufflers on the table, similar to the machines you would see in a real casino. These make things move a little faster. For live blackjack using multiple decks of cards, these will be shuffled in front of your eyes again so you know the game is fair.


When playing live blackjack at an online casino, you can always take your seat. If you haven’t already done so, register your account and make your first deposit and claim the generous welcome bonus. Head over to the live dealer table to start the experience. Good luck!