Blackjack: The myths and facts you want to know

The world of gaming spans the length and breadth of the planet, with immeasurable possibilities, so people can enjoy a wide range of options for every taste. Card games are no exception, and the most traditional games, such as blackjack, can be played in both physical rooms and online casinos.

Due to its popularity, the game of blackjack is the second most popular type of entertainment, after the wide variety of slot machines. Among the options are classic versions, which are the most popular, as well as American and European variants, the best known of which are High Roller, Double Exposure and Atlantic City.

As with every entertainment that exists in a casino, players and those who lose often question the chances of winning. This is why different myths have been built around the game of blackjack. One of the main reservations of players is the dealer’s winning streak myth, where the dealer strings together consecutive wins. But the reality is that there is no way to know when they will be cut, nor can they be influenced because they keep shuffling the cards at random.

Always have a card worth 10

A great myth exists around the dealer. Whether it’s the same number, J, Q or K, with which card it’s easier to achieve a win if you go over 21 points. The chances of this happening are much lower than players think, because cards that add up to 10 only make up 30% of the deck, so the remaining 70% are cards that add up to 10. The fact that they are occurring more frequently breaks another great myth about Blackjack.

Counting Cards for Countless Wins

Card counting became illegal after many people won countless victories with this strategy. The strategy received its greatest social exposure in the film 21 Blackjack. Inspired by a true story, a group of students with extensive knowledge of mathematics succeeded in winning. Thanks to this true story, the myth was shattered. Because of the precautions taken by different casinos. Nowadays it is not known how many decks of cards they use to play the game.

Don’t bet for insurance

Another way of saying that players who intend to play blackjack in a more professional way should not give up. When an ace appears on the table, don’t bet for insurance. This will affect the financial position of your competitor. The dealer is less likely to draw 21, at 31%, and paying the insurance bet in this way has obvious benefits for the casino.

Must win at close value

We will try to break the last myth. This is completely wrong, because the main opponent the player has to beat is the bookmaker, who must be more careful about which cards they put out for him. So, if you want to start playing blackjack more seriously, your first rule should be to keep in mind who your opponents are and not to use your own strategy throughout the game.


Blackjack is one of the most popular games. Because of its simple rules, as well as the dynamics that lead each player into trouble, develop your own strategy to win. The dealer simply does not complete the task easily. Last but not least, if you are playing the game for money, please do it responsibly.