5 amazing secrets about Blackjack

Of all the casino games invented, blackjack may just provide the most in-depth instructional material a player can learn. While most players can recite the rules of the road, such as “always separate aces and eights” or “double your bet every 11 points.” The configurable rules and historical evolution of blackjack combine to create one of the most complex casino games of all time.

1 – Card counting is not a real crime

Since Edward Thorp’s groundbreaking research was published in Beat the Dealer. Smart gamblers have known that keeping track of exposed cards in blackjack gives players a significant advantage.

Thorp’s method of card counting was coded into the decimal system. In the five decades since then, dozens of different alternatives have been devised. Of course casinos are not known for spreading action that gives players any advantage. So they quickly adopted countermeasures designed to eliminate counterattacks.
But even these wrinkles in the rules have worked wonders in stopping the number of casual players. Some experts still use their memory and math skills to intimidate tables.

2 – Online blackjack doesn’t have to be digital

Everyone knows you can go online and gamble for real money with online casinos and sport betting. While most of these online casinos convert your favorite table games into animated graphics, there are some that go the extra mile.
Using a specialized casino studio, Live Blackjack connects players on a laptop or smartphone directly to live dealers using real tables and cards.

3 – Blackjack can be played as a tournament

The poker craze may have died out a decade ago, but tournaments still capture the imagination of the average gambler. Blackjack tournaments are an increasingly popular market that attracts a specific group of players. Once you’ve learned these tips, check with your favorite casino operator to see if they host blackjack tournaments.

4 – The casino is willing to teach gamblers how to play

If you’re not used to playing for real money, don’t hesitate to accept the casino’s offer to teach you blackjack for free.

5 – Surrender is not necessarily a fool’s game

Every once in a while, you’ll see other players get the dealer’s attention, slide their cards forward, and then take back half of their bet. This strange action is known as surrendering.

When the dealer shows a ten or an ace as their up card, they scan their down card to see if they have a blackjack. When they don’t naturally get 21, the player can either let the dealer know they want to surrender. Or, they can give up the hand on the spot in exchange for having half of their bet returned.


Once you have gained these valuable insights, you can take your blackjack game to the next level. Loopholes in the rules, rarely used strategies, and a broader knowledge of blackjack law are essential skills for experts to master.